'Adopt as your fundamental creed, to equip yourself for life.
Not solely for your own benefit, but for the benefit of the whole community.'
  - Sir John Monash


Achieve Life Skills & Character Education has been specifically created to ensure the children and young adults of today are equipped for the prospects of their tomorrow. As education systems struggle to provide the knowledge necessary for the complex structure of adult life, it has become necessary to extend learning beyond traditional sources.


Achieve is an organisation formed to meet the need of educating a range of age groups with skills to survive their next steps.


  Ron Clarke M.B.E. the Mayor of Gold Coast and former Olympian announced as Patron of Achieve Life Skills & Education.   more...  
During the years of primary and secondary education, a child will spend about 17,000 hours at school engaged in academic and scholastic learning, and that doesn’t include homework.
In comparison, children and young people spend very few hours, if any, learning the Lifeskills required to navigate through life … skills that can make the difference between a successful life, or one that is less than average.


OUR VISION that all young people will have the skills to overcome any obstacles or challenges that they may face from time to time, and that they will be able to create for themselves a happy and fulfilled life, achieving their innate potential.  Only then can one hope to live a worthwhile life and to ultimately make a contribution to one’s community and to society at large.

Learning Lifeskills is a little like playing “join the dots”. A lot of what we learn from parents and from school makes up many of the dots, other dots come from various areas of our lives, such as sport, friends, TV, music, reading and other personal and social experiences.

Lifeskills are the lines that join the dots so as make sense of what may seem unconnected and paint a clear picture of this thing called life.


A little like drawing lines to connect the dots and make sense of the picture, our purpose at Achieve Lifeskills is to teach children and young people valuable skills to make practical sense of their lives, and most importantly, to take action and put it all to good use.


Our goal is to see young people grow into confident and happy adults by taking charge of life and leading it in the direction they want it to go, rather than stumbling their way through it …to become more resilient so as to overcome obstacles and setbacks along the way and to live their lives on purpose.  (see story, The Tale of the Two Seeds, to understand the philosophy behind Achieve Lifeskills).

Achieve Lifeskills was founded principally to engage children and young people in the education of Lifeskills and the development of good character.  It is the founder’s dream that every child will grow up into an adult who feels their life has meaning and is worth living … free from the feelings of worthlessness and the subsequent ills of depression and substance abuse.



The first Achieve Lifeskills schools are in Melbourne.  However there will soon be schools throughout Australia and New Zealand.  Our aim is to be within reach of every child in Australia and New Zealand by 2010.

Achieve classes are conducted as an extra-curricular activity, usually after hours at a local school or community hall and each program level takes one whole school term to complete (i.e. 9 to 10 weeks).  The course content is broken up into different groups so as to cater for different ages and levels of development.  The following indicates the number of groups and levels that make up each different group:

Primary School (grades 5 and 6)    -  3 levels   (E1, E2 and E3)
Secondary School (in age groups)  -  3 levels   (S1, S2 and S3)
Tertiary (all ages and levels)          -  3 levels   (T1, T2 and T3)
Job Seekers                                      -  2 levels   (J1 and J2)
Parent Course                                   -  2 levels   (P1 and P2)

In order to make it easy and flexible for children and young people to benefit from Achieve Lifeskills, the various levels do not have to be taken consecutively and can be done when convenient and when the course is being offered.  For example, a Primary School student can start with Level E1 in the second term of Grade 5, but then she may choose to do Level E2 in the last term of Grade 5, and finally do Level E3 in the third term of Grade 6.  Also, if so chosen, a level can be repeated if desired.  All this depends on when the courses are being offered, depending on availability of teachers and resources.  The courses and dates available will always be posted on this web-site under Course Dates.

We believe that for effective learning to take place, the education of Lifeskills should be considered as no different to learning a musical instrument, or learning how to play a sport.  These are all examples of activities that require sustained application in order to master and put into action what is being learned; our main courses run consecutively for 9-10 week classes, a whole school term, for each level in the program.

There are a number of “crash course” type methods that attempt to teach children various skills, but these are not nearly as effective in forming new and good habits, as is a sustained period of education, guidance and contact.  These crash courses are also usually quite expensive or cost prohibitive for the majority of families.

If you feel your child can benefit from attending Achieve Lifeskills, contact us via email and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions and to inform you of where you will be able to enroll for term 4, 2004.


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