a·chieve (…-chv“) 1. To perform or carry out with success; accomplish.
2. To attain with effort or despite difficulty. To accomplish something successfully.

Achieve Lifeskills and Character Education has a modest mission it needs to accomplish: “to be within the reach of every child in Australia and New Zealand by 2010.

We are looking individuals who are interested in employment with Achieve, as well as people who feel they may be interested in an education based business franchise.  We welcome people with Teaching or Psychology degrees, or similarly qualified.  We would also like to speak to anyone who feels they would be capable to take on a role with Achieve due to their extensive work experience, community based involvement, or similar.

Please send us an email containing the following:

(i) application letter
(ii) curriculum vitae, outlining academic and professional qualifications and work experience
(iii) geographic area of interest
(iv) acknowledgement that Achieve Lifeskills will perform necessary police checks

We will contact you to arrange an interview.

A career with Achieve Lifeskills allows one to earn a good and honourable living, whilst at the same time making worthwhile contribution to the community:

(i) provides one with a worthwhile and rewarding vocation or business, and

(ii) helps children and young people achieve their potential  to grow into happy and satisfied individuals and productive community members.


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