To empower young people, from an early age, with the skills needed to be able to achieve in life whatever it is they dare to dream, and to develop resilience in order to be able to cope with life’s setbacks and obstacles.

To establish an environment of learning that fosters the development of good and worthwhile character.


“ A man’s character is his destiny.”

To empower young people with the understanding that the core values in life are the foundation upon which all else is built.  Empowering them with the belief that they can achieve anything in life, as long as they really want to and apply action in order to do so.



As an example of belief in one’s self, without fear of limitations, there is a very powerful true story of a young boy in Canada named Ryan, who from the age of six started to make a worthwhile contribution with his life by bringing water to thousands of underprivileged in Africa and making their lives more bearable.  This little boy believes that people can do anything they truly want to … he is testament to this fact. See


To provide the necessary Lifeskills to children and young adults in order to maximize their own chances of leading a happy, meaningful, fulfilled and dignified life, in order that they may help future generations to do the same.  Two direct consequences of doing this will be to:


(i) minimise or eradicate the symptoms of social and community disease and personal, emotional and pathological illness, such as substance abuse, violent crime, environmental exploitation, greed etc.

(ii) take action to improve the quality of life of the underprivileged by increasing philanthropic awareness in the more privileged.

To be profitable and raise funds through the provision of Lifeskills education in order to reinvest back in the organisation so that it may prosper and progress for the ultimate benefit of the whole community.
To establish a force for good in the form of a worldwide organisation whose sole purpose is to assist people, in particular young people, to learn how to achieve a fulfilling, purposeful and satisfying life, free of limitations and emotional encumbrances.
To establish an international association of likeminded people and organisations in order to encourage the development and teaching of Lifeskills and Character Education.


Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Achieve Lifeskills and Character Education can best be illustrated by The Tale of the Two Seeds.  For us this is a powerful metaphor which is at the heart of the matter: “the undeniable rights and needs of every individual to live a worthy and happy life where they feel they have a purpose and can make their own contribution to community."

As parents, the most important gift we can give our children is the ability to be able to look after themselves in life.

At Achieve Lifeskills, our goals are to complement parenting and formal education by giving young people the tools to be able to live their lives on purpose and to develop resilience so they can bounce back from the many setbacks they may face.  We want to make sure that all the seeds grow up to realize their full potential, to be strong and fruitful, and to foster this environment and thinking in perpetuity.


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