The purpose of Achieve Lifeskills, the very reason for its existence, is to achieve our vision and mission, for the benefit of children everywhere, and ultimately for the benefit of the entire community.  We will do this by:

(i) Establishing an environment for respect and learning.  Growing minds kneed guidance, cultivation and need to be challenged.  Achieve aims to help children reach their full potential by:
- preparing them to be resilient and to cope with life’s challenges by introducing tools, problem solving techniques, habits and thought processes that will build confidence, so that achievement can take place
- being complementary to formal school academic education with Lifeskills education
- being complementary to parenting, by supporting home education

(ii) Having a positive influence on a child’s character by establishing habits and a mindset so as to encourage a healthy attitude to life and to develop strong self-confidence. By working on the premise that “the end depends upon the beginning”, and that “a man’s character is his destiny”, we will provide character education to firmly establish core values, morals and ethics, the foundation stones of good character, achievement and contribution.


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